When I first posted the History of Del Mar Skate Ranch by Dave Swift. I got so many comments it was unbelievable.
Apparently Swift forgot to add some locals. Either way, the Comments for the History document is finally open. If you feel like your name should be added to the list, leave a comment here. Its open for discussion!

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  1. How come I am not listed in the last great ones column too? I worked there either in the snack bar and or pro shop during that time period and was there everyday basically from open to close. Owen remember when I broke my arm in the Key hole and you drove me to the emergency room. And I think it was Swifto that tried to find my teeth in the key hole when I knocked em out and broke my other arm a few months later. Oh by the way I found an old picture that I found in the attic at DMSR of the key hole under construction. The hole is dug out and some of the re-bar is in place. The back of the photo is stamped March 78. I also found 2 Swank Zines one has me in the centerfold doing a back smith on the parking blocks and a 10 foot Boneless zine. Found some other pics too. A really cool one of Grisham doing a one footed invert from around 84 or 85. a pic of me at around age 9 or 10 standing by the Surf and Turf sign near the entrance with mad rats on and a what looks like a strople board. some other cool pics too. I would love to post some of this stuff please let me know if you are interested.

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